Do You Know When to Get new Tires for Your Land Rover in Tampa?

January 12th, 2018 by

If you are fortunate enough to own and drive a powerful and high-tech Land Rover luxury SUV, then you surely ought to know the best practices regarding necessary vehicle maintenance. Paying close attention to the health of your vehicle and having it properly serviced at the appropriate intervals is by far the easiest way to avoid extensive repairs that may very well be costly to perform.

And this notion certainly holds true regarding regular tire rotations and replacing your Land Rover tires as well!

In order to maximize the outstanding driving experience that your luxurious Land Rover vehicle delivers, then you should be sure that your ride is equipped with quality tires that are still spinning smoothly, efficiently and most importantly, safely.

Ask yourself the following to determine if it is time to change your tires or have a professional change them when you schedule a Land Rover service appointment here in Tampa.

  • Do you have enough tire tread? Our certified technicians can answer this for you, or you can use the old trick of using a penny to test your tread.
  • Are there any cracks, cuts or noticeable scratches in the sidewalls of your tires? These can be spotted with the naked eye, and should be immediately addressed if seen.
  • What about a blister or bulge on the outside of the tires themselves? If left ignored for too long, this weak spot can result in a tire blowout that obviously poses a serious safety concern.
  • Have you noticed an usual amount of vibrations when driving through Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Wesley Chapel and Brandon, FL.? The culprit is often unevenly worn tires.

To help out your wallet, check out our appealing Land Rover service special offers in addition! It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, so book your appointment with us in Tampa today.

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